The Last Week of August

The following is a summary of the last week in the Itty Bitty Garden in the City as written by the VanAmburg family:

We finished our week tending the Itty Bitty Garden last week and we had great timing!  It was a tomato bonanza.  The plants were so weighted down they needed to be tied up in many places – we did what we could but many of the plants were so intertwined we didn’t want to risk taking them apart.  It makes picking the ripe tomatoes a bit of a treasure hunt though – your students will need to look high, low and way in the middle to find all the ones that are left (and there will be many).  We weeded, we tied up, we watered, we picked a few beans, but mostly, we picked tomatoes, got rid of rotten ones, a picked some more.  

You’ll see from the picture with my purse that I was naively unprepared the first night – we filled my purse to overflowing, but the next night we knew better and filled a bag!  And then another a few days later…  We ate a lot, gave a bunch to neighbours (and some Devonshire families to share the love), and dropped some off in the office at school – I hope you got to enjoy some of the fruits of your labours.  Finally, a conversation with my son about how he likes ketchup but not tomatoes and the suggestion that if I could turn the tomatoes into ketchup he’d want to eat them more led to a new experiment in our house and seven jars of homemade ketchup! We’ll be thinking of the Itty Bitty Garden for months to come!

Thanks for the end of summer memories.

Lindy VanAmburg and family

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