Week 1 of 2013’s Itty Bitty Garden in the City

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Joan Hatch and her children Claire and Thomas for their work in the garden over the last week. Here is a brief summary of their adventures.

“The weeds were not too bad, but the beds were dry, particularly by today.  The lettuces continue to do well; we took some home and enjoyed them!  One of the peas had a couple of pods – we took one and shared the 6 little peas inside. We noticed the first shoots in the barrels with the potatoes when we were there today.”

The following is a slide-show of last week’s fun in the garden:

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Garden Update – July 29th to Aug. 4th

Below is the latest from the Itty Bitty Garden thanks to Alexandre, Michelle and Jean-Paul.  Thanks so much for keeping our garden green during this last very hot week. They will send pictures later and I will add them in.
This is Alexandre Lemieux and his mom Michelle writing to let you know we have been over tending the itty bitty garden this week. Boy has it been hot! when we started Sunday (July 29th) you could really see the little plants have been suffering  with the hot dry conditions especially the tomatoes so we gave them an extra long drink that day..luckily the one good long rain this week also seemed to help and by the end of the week things were looking much better – we have harvested some of the Swiss Chard and celery and Alex is always happy to test taste a few herbs on the trips!
Unfortunately our camera went kaput on us when we brought it so I don’t have actual photos to share. But we will try to go back and add a few plants to the one container on the right that is looking very empty right now (I am guessing all the plants were harvested already) and snap a few shots then.
Speaking of herbs, Alex loves basil and asked me to share tips on making fresh pesto which we do every summer once the basil plants are ready from our garden. He asked for the recipe but the truth is we make it so often now that we don’t really follow a recipe but blend the 5 ingredients (basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil, crushed garlic, crushed pine nuts and parmesan cheese) and taste test until we find the right balance. So instead I wanted to send the following tip: the key to the best pesto is to grow the basil so that the leaves take the fragrance instead of the flowers – one can nip the flower buds as they appear to extend the growth of the leaves – and pick the basil when the leaves are full, fragrant and not turning down. Use only the best leaves for pesto, leaving all the  rest and stems to the side. And after washing let the basil leaves dry before blending them with the olive oil to ensure the leaves soak up the olive oil and not water.
There you go – hope everyone enjoys the garden over August! 

Week of July 22nd

Lindy VanAmburg and family spent the last week maintaining our garden.  A sudden rain storm on Monday July 23rd evaporated quickly but was welcomed in anycase.  Some of the plants have struggled in the heat – the basil and the tomatoes especially but they are hanging in.

Lindy wrote the following:

We didn’t take the garden map with us so it was fun for the kids to guess what some of the plants are.  Both of my kids (Nate in JK last year, Abigail in gr.1) clearly remember the garden planting and different phases they’ve seen in the garden so far (plus I’ve heard a few stories of recess time snacking – they love it).  You’ll see we harvested some sage, kale, a bit of lettuce and a few beet leaves yesterday.  I’ll freeze the sage for later use and hope to make a nice little salad with the kale tonight.
Thanks to Lindy and family for taking great care of the garden.  It looks like the hose that runs along the Breezehill fence is beginning to give way.  I will be looking into this.
Check out the pictures below.

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Week #2 (sorry for the delay)

My family and I have just moved into our new house.  The move has silenced the garden blog but I am back.

The second week was a success – unfortunately some animal ate the cucumber plants but we will see if they survive. This is to be expected.  Glad something is enjoying the fruits of our labour.

A big thank you to Vicki and her daughter Sophie for taking great care of the garden from July 7th to the 13th. A special thanks for staking the tomato plants.  Check out the pictures below.

Look forward to reading and seeing more from our garden. Please send them into ittybittygarden@gmail.com. Seeds for radishes, lettuce etc. can be replanted this time of year if anyone cares to do so in the empty spots in the garden beds. Enjoy and thanks for everyone’s participation.

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